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The Perros Project was founded in 2009 to improve the lives of the many dogs living on the street in Huanchaco, Peru.

In 2009 Perros founders, Courtney Dillard and Matt Webber, returned from their travels in South America determined to make a difference for the many street dogs they saw by focusing on a small community and partnering with local animal activists. Every two years the Perros Project works with animal welfare groups in Huanchaco, Peru to host a week of veterinary services in this town outside of Trujillo.


As of 2020, we have now conducted six clinics and hosted over 59 volunteers. Our visits focus on spay & neuter surgeries, but we also provide education on pet care, hand out flea/tick/and mange control medicines and field general pet wellness questions. In addition to our biennial clinics, we provide support to two local animal welfare groups who run shelters in the area: Amigo Fiel and Huanchaco al Rescate. The Perros Project partners with these groups to pay for vaccines, part time staffing and food.


Through our efforts we have not only seen important advancements in the lives of Huanchaco street dogs, but also improvements in the human-animal bond throughout the community. We strongly believe the Perros Project is a great example of two everyday folks doing what they can, with the help of others, to make a difference.

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